Vital Colour, Specialists in Commercial Photography

  • Architectural, including building interiors
    and exteriors, eg hotels and lodges.
  • Landscape and nature.
  • Food
  • Promotional photography for brochures,
    catalogues and similar material.
  • Web sites.

Requirements Essential for Producing Quality Photographic Images Briefing

Your project brief should be as detailed as possible and include (if known) the estimated number of images needed and details about where those images will be used. For example, books, magazines, advertising, self-produced leaflets/brochures, web etc. This allows us to give you a more accurate estimate.

The Photographic Shoot

As we work to your brief during the shoot it is vital you tell us as much as possible beforehand about the type and range of images you need.

Photographic Post-Shoot, the Selection Process

After the shoot we provide you with a set of images from the edited down image captures. Your proofs are uploaded to our web-server and the web address (URL) is e-mailed to you. From these you can select your finals.

These e-proofs are lo-res batch converted jpeg files for position/selection only. They should not be considered as representing final master-file quality.

Your e-proofs stay on the server for fourteen (14) days (longer by agreement) to give you adequate time to make your selection.

View a selection of Photography work done to
date in the above animation movie.


Mastering the Selected Images

Once you’ve selected the images from the e-proofs, we create the hi-res master image files.

All your photographic images receive individual attention. They are cropped, colour-balanced, blended, unwanted elements removed and the images retouched to enhance the visual appearance. They are finished to a standard suitable for 4-colour offset reproduction or web use. From years of experience in the pre-press industry we understand what is needed to produce high quality CMYK images for print promotional material.


We only shoot in RAW format for optimum results. Images are provided on CD or DVD in high and low resolution and saved in JPEG or TIFF format. We can also FTP or e-mail files to meet urgent deadlines. Colour modes are RGB and CMYK for printing if required.


Costs are dependent upon the type of
photography required, the number
of images required
and your budget