Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEM can increase your Website’s visibility within the Search Engines. SEO, an aspect of SEM, is the process Cyber Marketing uses to enhance your Website to improve its performance in the Search Engines.

Cyber Marketing guarantees they will assist you with keyword SEM for Google, Bing and Yahooselection to help make your site more search-engine friendly to current search engine algorithms.

What Cyber Marketing won’t guarantee is placement at the top of the search engine results. That’s down to the search engine algorithms which change regularly and over which we have no control.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to the process of SEO and search query statistics from your Web log data provide us with insights into your market’s demands.

Keyword research involves everything from brainstorming and surveying customers, to applying data from Keyword research tools like Google Adwords.

Keywords can help us write more effectively. Those keywords likely to compete may be included in some, if not all, of the following on page SEO elements, as well as in any anchor text back linking to the relevant Web pages: URL, title tag, meta tags, headers, content, navigation links, image names and alt attributes.

Website Copy Writing and Text

Website Copy Writing and TextImproved search engine indexing is the next step. We can help you write more effective titles, Meta tags, and other Web text or provide training in this area.

Interactive Consulting

Prospects are far more likely to become customers when your Website communicates clearly and offers them an intuitive interface to learn more.

Cyber Marketing and Vital Colour can help you enhance your Website by improving your information style and design.Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Cyber Marketing’s Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimization) Services:
  • Auditing current Websites to see how well they are optimised for search engines
  • Online competitor research
  • Keyword and key phrase research
  • Web log analysis to track your rankings
  • Manual submissions to search engines, directories and product/service specific portals or vortals

Website Auditing

Our technical analysis of your Website identifies possible technical obstacles to the search engines, as well as optimisation opportunities and your Website’s usability.

We look at all aspects of your online marketing efforts, including the five essential Website audit components; search engine optimisation (SEO), visibility, usability, social media and analytics,

Auditing allows us to approach your site with a new pair of eyes.