Mobile Phone Websites

“Advances in wireless devices, coupled with the relatively cheap and easy access to mobile broadband, portend major changes in how consumers interact with content. As cell phones get smarter, people are using them less to make calls and more to text, shop, read news, play games, engage with social networks and perform routine tasks” - Adobe Mobile Experience Survey, October 2010.

TheAdobe Survey found mobile’s most active content consumers tend to be male, 30-49 years old and own iPhones; they also purchase more frequently and spend the most. Specifically, men spend more time than women on Financial and Travel content. However, women lead men in social networking (80% vs. 70%).

Maps and Directories  for MobilesMaps and Directories No1 Mobile Activity

Accessing maps and directions is the no. 1 mobile activity (81%), followed by three media-related activities: social networking (76%) accessing local information (73%) and reading news (68%).

As devices get smarter Adobe says, consumers are using them as mini-computers to do everything from reading news to personal banking to shopping.

Invest in Mobile and Benefit

Businesses that invest early in mobile will benefit, as current consumer expectations lag the technology, as corroborated by the Adobe survey.

In an earlier August survey, Are You Dialed In?, Adobe said: “Those who have executed mobile commerce strategies will continue to make investments to improve the user experience and extend richer experiences to the mobile Web, while those who have been on sidelines will dip into the channel and apply what they learn from their peers.”

“Either way, the race is on to win in mobile”.


Viewable and Practical Mobile Phone WebsitesViewable and Practical Mobile Phone Websites

Vital Colour develop and build, viewable, practical mobile phone Websites. That is, Websites that are designed to be visited primarily by mobile phones, or detect the browser device and redirect viewers to the appropriate content.

We approach Website design and mobile Website development, not from a technological outlook, but from an online marketing viewpoint. Build a dedicated mobile Website and successful, satisfied users are likely to come back.

Web-capable mobile devices are outnumbering PCs. Take advantage of the opportunity to mobilise your site and make your brand as mobile as your customers. Contact Vital Colour today.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

Readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones, a QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code).

Scanning a QR Code allows you to obtain instant answers from your mobile phone and links to whatever you may need.

Using the QR code we provide, users quickly access information contained in the code such as an address, phone number or an URL. Embedding a website domain into a QR Code eliminates the common mobile phone problem of tediously trying to type in a long URL.

QR Codes can direct an otherwise passive viewer to take immediate action by making a purchase, registering for an event, or taking a survey.

Embedded QR Code geotags can link directly to Google maps on the users phone and let them know where to go.

Quick Response (QR) CodesPut a QR Code on your print work and clients forgetting a long Web address by the time they get to their computer is a thing of the past. Your potential clients have immediate access to more information about your business, what you’re promoting and an immediate way for them to act on your information.